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Introducing NZDs, a stablecoin backed 1:1 by the New Zealand Dollar

Transact digitally in New Zealand Dollars via the blockchain.

The NZD is amongst the top ten most traded currencies globally.
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Where can I purchase and redeem NZDs from?

Direct Purchasers

If you are a direct purchaser you can purchase NZDs directly from Techemynt by creating an account via our onboarding portal:


*There is a minimum purchase amount of NZD$100,000

Listed Exchanges

Smaller purchases are available from:


*There is no minimum purchase amount

Trust & transparency

The NZ dollar reserves for NZDs will be confirmed by a leading accounting firm on a six monthly basis. We publish these reports here so that you can be confident that NZDs is always 100% redeemable for New Zealand dollars. NZDs can be viewed on the Ethereum blockchain. These reports will be posted on our osted on our Transparency Page.


NZDs is a New Zealand Dollar (NZD) Stable Coin backed 1:1 with physical New Zealand Dollars in a cash and cash equivalent treasury managed by a New Zealand registered financial services provider.

It is built on the open-source stablecoin framework developed by the Centre organisation.

New Zealand’s currency is a leader in adaptability, resilience and market trustworthiness. NZD is the 10th most traded currency globally. The NZD stable coin will offer cryptocurrency users the stability and utility of the New Zealand Dollar with the versatility of a cryptocurrency.

NZDs is built on top of Ethereum, which is a secure and open blockchain, while the underlying code base and smart contracts are from the open-source stablecoin framework developed by the Centre organisation.

All NZDs are designed to be pegged at 1:1 with the New Zealand dollar, are backed 100% by cash or cash equivalent reserves, and adhere to strict security controls.

NZDs can be securely stored, sent and received across the blockchain and are redeemable for cash (the underlying pegged asset) subject to Techemynt’s terms and conditions.

Yes. We have designed NZDs to be transparent at all times. All NZDs tokens are backed 100% by New Zealand dollars held in trust in a bank account (or cash equivalents) which will be confirmed every six months by a leading accounting firm. These reports will be posted on our Transparency Page.

Going through our know your customer (KYC) form and approval process is a Techemynt requirement to issuing or redeeming NZDs.

Legal persons (including individuals over 18 years old, companies, partnerships and trusts) can use NZDs to transact, make crypto trades or hold their wealth in an asset they can self-custody provided they are entitled to do so under the laws of their jurisdiction, and subject to Techemynt’s Terms and Conditions. Persons who wish to buy NZDs direct from Techemynt or redeem with Techemynt must undergo full KYC/AML checks, be prepared to invest a minimum of $100,000 and must have a high degree of sophistication in dealing with cryptographic assets. Persons who wish to acquire or sell smaller allocations can do so in the secondary market, including through the DassetX.com crypto exchange. We anticipate further exchanges will be added soon.

Powerful new solutions

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Do you feel like you could benefit from a programmable New Zealand Dollar? Read the whitepaper then talk to us about how we can work together to advance the New Zealand Digital Currency landscape.